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Halloween Baking and Link Party

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Any season that lets us have fun decorating, baking and any other fun is a favorite for my children. Last year we made these cool Spider Cookies and Witches Fingers. My son has talked about them all year and now that he knows Halloween is coming he has been asking when we will be making them again! These were fun and super easy to make. When we were finished we took goodie plates to our neighbors who were more than willing to enjoy our surplus of Spider Cookes! Go to the bottom of the post to see more fun recipes.

Spider Cookies

What You Need:
  • Your favorite Snickerdoodle or PB Cookie recipe or a fluffy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (minus the chocolate chips) will work well, too.
  • Rolos, chocolate kisses, or mini peanut butter cups - for the center
  • Licorice Ropes (we used the Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel kind)
  • Marshmallows (any size - you cut them into bits)


Step 1: Make your favorite Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Cookie recipe or a chocolate chip cookie dough recipe that is fluffy. 

Step 2:  Roll the dough into little balls and roll around a bowl of white sugar. Bake in oven as directed.  Rolling around in sugar is optional. It gives it a nice sparkle.   

These pictures were taken last year, so that is why they look so much younger.

Step 4: While the cookies are baking prepare legs and eyes. Cut the licorice ropes to desired length for legs. For eyes, cut marshmallows into tiny pieces.

Step 5: Once the cookies are done baking, remove them from oven and immediately add the chocolate center to the cookie pressing lightly so it gets nice and gooey.

Step 6: You can let them cool for a minute or two. You do not want the cookie so hot it will melt your legs and eyes, but you want you chocolate melted enough that your eyes and legs will stick to it. Make sure you stick the legs in the chocolate for the best hold.

Step 7: Have fun and get creative. My son liked to make his cookies with three eyes and 6 legs. He was pretty proud of his work!

Other Fun Recipes


 We also made these Witches Fingers and you can find the recipe for them here. We used chocolate chips instead of red decorating gel. I just placed the chocolate chip on the edge of the finger when it was warm and then pressed the Almonds on top finishing this creepy creation. To be honest the recipe did not taste very good, but the kids sure loved to look at the fingers. It would be a great party treat and maybe use a yummy sugar cookie recipe instead so they taste better! Last  year my sister-in-law made these Witches Hats, too. We did not get a chance to make them but they are on the menu this month because my son still remembers that we did not make them! =) There are a lot of other fun ideas on the site with the Witches Hats link. So have fun baking and make sure to share the goodies, so you do not have to eat them all. That is what neighbors and friends are for!


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Now onto the....
Friday Brag Fest Link Party

I am going to be starting a weekly link party for anyone to share any fun they had with their families (or for their families) this past week. If you could please, give me any suggestions for the name of it. I was also thinking "Strut Your Fun" or "Share Fest". All ideas welcome!

Rules :
  • If you did something/posted about something you did with your family or children this past week, share it! Even add your fun it if it something you did for your family! (Private blogs are welcome.)
  • Link to your specific post and not your main URL.
  • Add a text link to Fun On A Dime at the bottom of you post.
  • Check out any other fun ideas.
I will highlight a few next Friday!


  1. We have been trying out some Halloween dishes too - your fingers look very realistic! Love the linky!

  2. We have been making decorations all week. Hoping to decorate the outside this weekend!!

  3. How cute are these? My kiddos would just love them!

  4. Both are very creative. Looks like your kids enjoyed them.

  5. I love those spiders! They sound yummy and are uber cute! I've found that those fingers are always a big hit with kids too!

    Thank you for the linky party. I linked up my most recent project, which I worked on with my two girls for a class party.

    Looks like I just became your 200th follower. Cool beans!

    So happy to meet you and to be in such good company with the Toucan Tribe! Warmest wishes, Jenn

  6. Cool Spider cookies - I'll have to make those for my nephew - he loves - Spiderman.

    Visiting from the Toucan Tribe.



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