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Guest Blogger: That's {FAM}tastic!

Today, I am blog swapping with Elizabeth! I love perusing her Idea File on her site. You should go check her out!
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Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth from That's {FAM}tastic!

My blog is a hodgepodge of ideas, recipes, tips, and other fantastic ideas for your home and family! And like the great ideas on this blog, everything I do is on a tight budget. Thank you, Michelle for doing this fun blog swap with me today!

Here's a sampling of a few of my favorites projects!

The easiest (and most delicious) cinnamon rolls ever. The picture doesn't do them justice. YUM. I want to go make some right now!

Bleach stenciled t-shirts. I made this "lucky" shirt for St. Patrick's Day this year for my little boy. I think a black Halloween-themed one would be so cute this time of year!

I enjoy coming up with inexpensive ways to decorate my home. I'm excited to get out all the cute fall decorations soon! Plus, we just moved into our first house and I'm finally making some headway in the decorating department--so more fun decor posts coming soon on my blog!

I like to share little tips that make my life easier, like my meal planning system, for example.
I also love sharing the great ideas I find on other blogs and websites! These can usually be found on my tumblr page, and also occasionally as a Friday Faves post.
Hope to see you all over at That's {FAM}tastic! Thanks, Michelle, for letting me share!


  1. I love how crafty you are. I also love how you do this all on a tight budget. I hear you on that. I love the Halloween sign. Did you buy that or make it??? Great job. Wait, Ok, you swapped with someone else?? So was this NOT your personal blog posting?? I am so confused. Sorry. I just wanted to say that I found you on blogfrog - stumble upon...and stopped by.

  2. Carrie- lol! I do crafty stuff, too, but this is a guest post (so I am over on her blog today). My friend Elizabeth made the Halloween Sign. I'm sure she would be more than happy to answer any of your questions on this, just pop on over.

  3. wow what a great idea to do a blog swap! Looking forward to reading your menu planning system. I keep trying but can't get anything to stick! ;)



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