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Creative Gifting: Fabric Snake

Here is a creative gifting idea that uses scrap fabric and other materials I had already on hand from previous projects. It was easy and ended up being a big success!

I made one of these snakes (with the help of my 2 year old) for my 4 year old son's birthday in February and was surprised at how much he liked it. In fact, my 2 year old daughter immediately started begging for one. When friends come over to play it is such a hit with them that I decided we could not wait until my daughter's birthday for her snake. This snake is so easy to make and it is a fun project that all ages can be involved in making it. If you have a 10 or 11 year old, they could easily sew it on the sewing machine...with supervision, of course! 

What You Need:
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Buttons
  • Sewing Machine (Optional)
  • Stuffing 16 oz + (for a large, 6ft snake)


Step 1: Get out your scrap fabric and pick which pieces you would like to make the snake out of. They do not have to be color coordinated (unless you want it that way) and you can use a variety of textures. This is a Step that younger children can definitely participate in. I did not realize how picky my daughter was going to be...she said "no thank you" to all the really girly fabric!

Step 2: Cut your fabric. Once your fabric is chosen, cut them into strips about 9 - 11 inches wide and however long you want. My strips were between 4 - 12 inches long. The width will be how round the snake is. A good idea is to aim for the width of your forearm. You can combine scraps together to create the desired width to make a cute patchwork look, but it is definitely easier to just keep it one fabric for the width and make each strip 6-12 inches long...but it is up to you how much time you want to spend!

For the snake's head, cut desired fabric to width and length. Fold it in half (pattern side in) and trace a tear drop on one side. Then cut.

Step 3: Time to create the length of your snake. Pin all your fabric together pattern sides facing each other (so your seams will be on the inside of the snake when you are done.) Then sew. A basic stitch is all you need.

Step 4: Pull all your pins out. Little helpers are great for this, too. And once done you should have your length of your snake. You can still add more length if you decide you want it longer.

Step 5: To create the body of the snake, pin the fabric edges together, pattern side in, to create one long tube.

Step 6: Prepare a tongue. Thread used for cross-stitching makes a great tongue (see below). Just loop it (usually it is 6-8 threads), so that it is 3 inches long. Tie it in a knot on the end that will be exposed. You can also use anything else you have to create the tongue. Get creative! I used some leftover binding, but debated on using a velcro strip I had. 

Once the tongue is ready, pin it so the knot or snake tongue V and the majority of the tongue length is on the pattern side of the snake. Leave 1/2 inch exposed (see below) so you can sew through it and secure it in place. 

Step 7:  Sew your snake, BUT make sure to leave a 6-8 inch gap every 1.5 feet or so. This will allow you to stuff your snake easier in the next step. I had 4 gaps on my snake. Be sure to sew the tail up before you turn it inside out. I tapered mine off, but I probably could have made a V and it would look better (luckily, the kids don't notice!)

Step 8: Turn the snake inside out, stuff the snake, play with the stuffing (of course!), and then stitch up your gap/holes by hand. Use the end of a long wooden spoon to push stuffing into places you can't reach (like the nose and tail). Stuff the snake until you have desired thickness. 16 oz of stuffing makes a very soft snake. I used about 25 oz, so that it was a bit thicker. Make sure you stitch the holes with a tight stitch.

Step 9: Sew your button eyes on good and tight. I like to use a pencil to mark where I want them prior to sewing them on. Helpers do a great job at pulling the thread up!

Step 10: Enjoy and have fun!

They were so busy playing, it was hard to get them to sit still and make a normal face!

This is a close up of the head and the tail. The top tail is what happened when I forgot to sew up the tail before I turned it right side out and stuffed it. I did not discover my mistake until I was almost done stuffing...so I had to make do. Sadly, my son now thinks that all snake tails should be stubby like his snake's tail! ha, ha! 



  1. Super cute! My kids have always loved theirs. I'll have to let my mom know what you've done so she can see how her 30 year old idea lives on!

  2. I just found your blog through ABC and 123. It's super cute!

  3. Oh my, these snakes are an amazing recycling project! I love them. Brilliant!

    I want to make some too now... will have to see what scraps I have (lots of old shirts...)

    Thank you for stopping by at Kids Get Crafty!!

    See you again next week (?)


  4. One day I will learn how to sew! And get a sewing machine :)

    I had a lovely long toy snake when I was a kid, good for lying down the side of the bed and making sure nothing falls down the crack (especially if you are on a top bunk like I was LOL).

  5. very cute! What a fun project, there are always scraps to use up as well :o)

  6. very cute! I always have scraps laying around, this would be perfect. What a great gift.

  7. Love it! I am going to feature this today in my Friday Fave Five, you should check it out! I see this on my list of things to make for Avery!

  8. So, this one is an Ariana project. She just had her first sewing lesson and she'll be better than me in about 4 weeks. This will be fun for her though and I'm thinking stocking stuffer for "my three sons." Thanks so much!!

  9. What a cute idea for kiddos! How creative!

  10. Thank you for joining us at A Crafty Soiree! I hope you'll come back next week and link up again! The snakes are so colorful and I think all the different fabrics are what make it so much fun and interesting to look at. I bet a little one could spend a long time just looking at all the different fabrics. Glad you got to put a dent in your scraps.

  11. This is really cute! My 3 year old would love one of these! Thanks for sharing!

  12. fun idea! thanks for linking up to a crafty soiree party! i'm your newest follower (-:



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