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We have been busy having some fun...

Don't forget to send in your Summer Fun Challenge entries. It doesn't take long and it is a bunch of fun! And remember, it can be super simple. Just do something with "sticks" and then follow the entry instructions here.

We sat down one afternoon with some popsicle sticks and glue with the intention to "play" for an hour. The younger kids lasted an hour, but my husband and my 11 year old niece stayed at the table creating things for over 4 hours! They tried all sorts of things and we all had a blast. Here's what we have made (so far)....

  My son made his own creation... A Spider Web and then he made a flower

My daughter made this small flower (with help) and now claims she made the picture frame, too. =)

Another "stick" creation made from a cue tip...a cheerleader! You can't see it real well, but it has purple pompoms, red hair and even shoes. Anything goes, right?! =)

And from the older group we got a raft that actually floats and an airplane.

They also came up with a mini house and a water mill that also works. We had a lot of fun and now the kids are trying to convince me they need to paint!

I am excited to see what everyone else is doing! 

If you need more details on the challenge, check it out here.  Come join the fun!!!

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  1. I need to get busy with this -- been a little lazy lately! :) But we did enjoy a fun game of M & M's -- the kids thought it was fabulous! I was so happy to see that all the kids could do it except Miss Maddy! :) Have a great weekend!



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