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Interested in Starting a Preschool?

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Are you interested in starting a preschool? I am!

My husband still has a little bit more of school and I think teaching preschool would be a great way to have some extra fun for my kids and have a little more income in the house. I have been doing A LOT of research on preschool curriculum and discovered that there was not a whole lot of information out there on specific curriculum and only a handful of actual programs. I was thinking about creating my own and then I came across Joy Anderson's program. (If only I did this a couple of years sooner!)

You've got to watch this presentation that shows how she stumbled upon the solution to making $2-4K/month (she makes $4,000 a month - by teaching 4 sessions a week) at home while still spending quality time with her children! It even shows you how to do it too!

Click here to learn how to start your own preschool.

You see, two years ago Joy went through a divorce. After being a SAHM for 8 years, she was forced to find a way to pay her mortgage in 30 days and support her 3 kids on her own!

But she CRINGED at the thought of "going to work" and putting her kids in daycare. And she flat-out REFUSED to start a home daycare either, knowing she would be thoroughly exhausted after taking care of other people's children for 12 hours each day.

And then she stumbled upon the BEST JOB for women who want to stay home but need to bring in extra money. But you know the best part? She's now teaching other women how to do it too!

She's even created an entire program that teaches you step by step how to do it! So join the thousands of women who are using her system and making between $2-4K/mo. at home while still spending quality time with their kids. Watch this presentation now:

Joy's Presentation

I'm loving the idea of her program and how much time it would save me from creating my own (because I know I will get swallowed into the Internet with all the fun preschool ideas out there!). She has had a couple of webinars and I am totally excited to get this, too!

P.S. Joy told me she's only selling 200 copies of her system, and when they're gone, they're gone! And as she just released her system on June 8th to over a half million people (she's got a lot of partners promoting this!) you had better grab a copy of her system now!

Learn How To Start A Preschool And Make $2-4K/Mo. Teaching Preschool Classes In Your Home!


  1. This sounds perfect for you! I can't wait to see what you do with it! Your such an inspiration to get down on the floor or into the kitchen with kids!

  2. That sounds great! I've been thinking about starting my own preschool. I'll have to check it out.



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