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Lilly Pad Hop

It snowed again today and I wanted to do something fun that could use up some of the kiddos energy before bed. I also wanted to vacuum out the couches, so this activity helped us do both! This is simple and fun...of course!

What you need:

  • Cushions, pillows, pieces of rug or something like that - these will be your "Lilly Pads" (you can also call it your "Lava Rocks" or whatever else gets your child's imagination going!)

  • At least one child full of energy


Layout out your "Lilly Pads" just far enough apart that your child(ren) can reach the next one when they jump. Next, let them have fun! See, I told you this was a simple activity! Fun and simple!

You can barely see it, but that is the look of pure joy on my daughter's face. They were having a blast!

If They Need Some Ideas:

  •  you can have them do the caterpillar jump, where they reach with their hands first and then bring their legs over

  • Bring in a little chair or bench and have them hop up on it, under or over it before jumping on the next "Lilly Pad"

  • Pretend to be an animal

  • Join in! For some reason it is so funny to have Mom or Dad join in on the jumping fun.

They like the caterpillar walk.

Benefits of This Activity

  • By jumping and bouncing they are providing deep pressure on their muscles and joints.

  • Working on eye-hand (or more like feet) coordination as they judge the right distance to reach for between each "Lilly Pad"

  • Learning a little cooperation when playing with other children and their imaginations.

  • Practicing turn taking.

  • Mom gets to clean the couches...okay, maybe this one is just for me!
My son was perfectly content running and jumping back and forth and he was pretty tuckered out afterwards!

Go have some fun!


  1. Stopping by from SITS - cute blog! Looks like your kids are having a blast. That used to be one of our favorite games as a kid...playing with furniture cushions!

  2. They are so cute!

    Where are you that it snowed today??



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