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Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

These cupcake ice cream cones have been a favorite of ours for birthdays and special occasions for a couple of years now. They are easy to make and all ages seem to really enjoy them. I thought this was the normal way of making them and discovered that there was another way of making them. The other way to make cupcake ice cream cones is to put the cake batter in the cones and cook them standing up in the oven. I then was told of how they tipped over or burned and as you can imagine, it was really messy. I will admit that I found the instructions for this version on the side of a cake mix box. I tried looking for it online and could not find it. So, for your enjoyment here is how you make them:

Items Needed:

  • Favorite box cake mix

  • Ice cream cone cups

  • Cupcake baking cups

  • Cupcake pan

  • Frosting/decorations

1.  Make the cake mix as directed on the box.

2.  Place cupcake wrappers in the cupcake pan

3.  Fill each cupcake 2/3 full of cake batter. (If you have a metal cupcake tin, you can pound it lightly on a hard flat surface (i.e. table, counter, floor) to help get any air bubbles out. This will help the cupcake cook evenly and prevent the cones from tilting. If you do not pound it, it will not make a huge difference but your cones when completed may have a little more personality to them! )

4. Next, place the ice cream cone upside down on top of batter. You don’t need to press it down, just make sure it is touching the batter (see picture below).

(Sorry, this picture is actually of the cupcakes after baked. I forgot to take a picture prior, but wanted to give you the general idea of what they should look like prior to putting them in the oven.)

5.  Then bake in the oven as directed on the box for cupcakes.

(Another fun activity...watching the transformation from dough to cake!)

6.  Let the cupcakes cool

(The batter was closer to half filled with most of these cupcakes in this particular batch and so the finished product with 2/3 full will look more like the front center cupcake. Sorry for the confusion!)

7.  Once the cupcakes are cool, you can remove the wrapping and stand them up on the cone. Then frost, decorate....

....and Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Those look like so much fun...I can see why they've been a favorite! You could also try cooking them right side up, like it instructs at this website:
    I haven't tried either way but thought it might be a fun variation.



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