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Amazing Invisible Ink

Supplies Needed
  • Paper
  • Lemon juice
  • Paintbrush, cotton swab, cue tip, or feather
  • Salt
  • Crayon


Dip the paintbrush in lemon juice and write a message (or draw a picture) on the paper. While the writing is still wet, sprinkle salt over the letters. Let it dry completely.

This is after the lemon juice has dried and they are ready to color. You can kind of notice that something is on the paper, but it is more noticeable through the eyes of the camera.

Brush the salt off the paper. To reveal the message, rub a crayon across the paper.

It didn't quite show up as good as I would like, but it was fun to do. I'm still perfecting the process!

For older children: I was not brave enough to do this with my kids, yet, but for older children instead of coloring you can hold the paper up to a heat source* (flame, light bulb, iron) and the message will appear.

*Be careful not to start the paper on fire with whatever heat source you choose to use.

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