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Movie Night: Theme Dog


When my niece was staying with us I let her help plan our first movie night. We tried to keep it simple and not go too extreme (which is easy to do). We had so much fun that this is now something I want to do once a month.

The Menu:

Dinner:  Chili Dogs...or plain hot dogs for the younger ones.

Movie:  We went to redbox and rented Cop Dog.

Picture from here

Movie Snack: We passed out some Puppy Chow that we made earlier that day. The kids were going crazy that they could not eat it right away and were probably even more excited for the movie because of the addition of a treat!

Enjoy your own movie night! I would love to know what you do.


  1. What a fun idea. Thanks! We love puppy chow too.

  2. Thanks for linking up! It is so fun to see what you and your family have been doing for FUN!!!

    Rachymommy - MommyTopics.com

  3. GREAT idea! We LOVE movie nights and probably do them too frequently, but have not done a theme! My favorite has been when we made a fort in front of the TV and watched our movie in our fort with treats of course!

  4. How fun to do a movie theme night - we love movie nights - I usually get theater candy like milk duds or bunch a crunch at walmart and make popcorn...we air pop. I might have to try out a theme night though - that sounds fun! :) Have a great week!

  5. I love pretty much anything that involves a theme. The hard part is usually getting my daughter to sit still for a whole movie - maybe if I let her pick the movie and help me with the theme. Hmmm...

  6. What a cute idea! I love the theme and your kids are adorable! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

  7. What a cute idea for kids!

    Thanks for linking up to We Did It! Wednesday!

  8. I love movie night! I think it is such a great way to spend time together as a family. Thanks for linking up to Sister Sister Sunday, come back next week.




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