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Gift Ideas - Father's Day

Shhh... they are busy making a surprise!

Are you still trying to think of something for your kids to give Daddy for Father's Day? This may be extremely cheesey, but every Dad deserves a few cheesey gifts! My 11 year old niece is visiting this week and was telling me of an idea of what she wanted to make her Dad. I realized that if she was going to do it, she was going to have to do it while she was here. I think it is awesome and best of all, all the kids got into making it and are super excited about it!

So, this is what my kids and my niece are giving their Dad's this Father's Day...

This is my niece's. Pretty cute, right?! She did it all by herself...it's fun having big kids around!

We had a couple of hours while Daddy was out of the house, so we went on a hunt for rocks. I was planning on going to a nearby field, but we luckily did not have to look further than our front yard. Each kid picked out their own rock (because if Mom picks it, it is not a cool rock!). And then I let them paint to their heart's content. We used a blow-dryer to speed up the drying process and then I assisted the kids in writing the text (they held the brush and I held their hand...lots of patience may be needed!) And then Voila! You have a great homemade Father's Day gift that every Dad deserves at least once!
This is my son's.

And this is my daughter's

What are your Father's Day traditions?


  1. So that's what you were talking about! SO CUTE! Their dad will love it. Hopefully he doesn't look at this blog til Sunday though!

    What are OUR father's day traditions... hmmm... well, I'll probably do a blog post tribute. And make breakfast. Yep, exciting, I know!

  2. Totally did this! I'll link you and post about it when I can get a good picture. Thanks!



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