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Looking for Summer Sponsors

I am looking for sponsors to participate in giveaways this summer on my blog Fun On A Dime. I would like to do 1- 2 giveaways for each summer month of June, July, and August.

If you would like to sponsor:
  • You will get an entire day dedicated to your blog/business with pictures, links, business description, and whatever else you would like (including a requirement to enter the contest will be to visit your site!).
  • You will also get a FREE month of advertising on my sidebar ...the prime spot of the upper left hand corner!
Since this will be a month long giveaway, you will have lots of exposure!

The prize MUST be greater than $20 in value, and items or services valued higher will be given priority ad space.

If you are interested, let me know what you are looking to giveaway and the value. Bring on the summer fun!

Email me at funonadime@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Michelle- I found you as a featured blogger on The B keeps us Honest. Great post! I'm a new follower. Come visit me at Knowlton Nest (www.jsknowlton.blogspot.com) or Milk N' Honey (www.milknhoneylearnandgrow.blogspot.com). Also, I will email you to be one of your sponsors. I have some products that I need reviewing and I'd like some advertising. Thanks, Shonda



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