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Chalk Paint

Chalk art is fun, especially outside on a nice day! While at the store I saw some liquid chalk and thought, "I wonder if I can make that at home?" The answer..."Yes, I can!" In fact, can you guess what it is made from? Cornstarch! I am going to stock up on a few boxes of this stuff for some summer fun. There is so much you can do with cornstarch!

What You Need:
  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Container(s) - cupcake tin, mini cups, etc
  • Paintbrush or mini sponges


This is super easy! The basic recipe is 1 part water and 1 part cornstarch. Combine and mix together.

(We used 1/2 cups cornstarch and 1/2 cups water)

Disperse mixture into mini cups (if you mixed everything together in a bowl). Add food coloring. We added 2 drops per mini cupcake tin/slot (Blue seems to leave a slight hue...it looks like it will easily fade, so avoid or dilute if you do not want it)

Mix the colors in.

Lots of fun colors!

Give them the rules..."no painting on the house, the dog, or mixing it in the dog food"...or something like that. Put the chalk paint outside and give them their paint brushes and let them get creative!

We used sponge wedges for their art work.

It looks just like chalk when it dries and it comes off easily, too!

Additional Fun:

We discovered that when we got to the last of our chalk paint and there is not much water left, that we get Monster Goo! The kids had fun creating mini colorful balls...a very fun unexpected surprise!

It looks wet, but it is a lot thicker than it looks!

This had to be one of my favorite parts of playing with this paint... My son decided that it would be more fun to paint his body than the ground. He kept saying "My dad is going to Lll-uh-ve me all painted" and then he tried to paint me again saying, "Daddy is going to Lll-uh-ve you!" He was so proud of his body art that he did not want to wash it off later!

Have fun!

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  1. So cool! And you got those beautiful colors just from the four colors of food coloring? I am SOO going to try this...although, I might need to wait until DD is a little bit older...or maybe just strip her down to a diaper first. Thank you for the great idea!

  2. I think those colors were from the "neon" food coloring boxes. On this particular box they give you "recipes" to get certain colors of frosting...it gave us the general idea. And as for the clothes, those are their play clothes. I have a couple outfits for this summer that they will be wearing anytime we do messy stuff. If I had not been planning on posting the pics here, they would have been in their diaper/underwear and come a few more weeks, I think I will just let them play in the sprinklers afterwards!

  3. I think I'll try this, but use the foam egg cartons. Then I don't have to wash anything, LOL Plus, with my 8 kids I could cut them up and make sure everyone has their own set.

  4. Thanks for linking up to Tot Tuesdays! What a great idea! I’ll be featuring you this week. Feel free to grab my featured button under the “buttons” category in my menu bar. Have a great week!

  5. How fun!!!




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