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Link Up the Fun and Highlights From the Past Month

I want to see what you have been doing to have fun with your kids/family/yourself.  Link Up the Fun at the bottom of this post. I'll leave it open for the next week. If you are not comfortable linking your blog, you can email me pictures and I can highlight them. I will be sharing some of the fun next week. In the meantime we have been having lots of fun together this past month and I wanted to share some highlights....

We made homemade pretzels. I was craving cinnamon pretzels and this hit the spot with the fun factor, as well.


My son was pretty proud of his pretzel man!

Unfortunately, I am not impressed with the recipe we used. It tasted great, but the last step of dipping it in a baking soda/water bath made some of our creations fall apart. I am on a search for an alternative and will post it when I find one that works better.

I was able to play an April Fools joke on my kids. It was nothing fancy but the kids enjoyed it! I told them that I was making them pizza for dinner with fish and worms on it. My son was a little grossed out at first and then he got excited.

I made a large sugar cookie and topped it with cream cheese frosting and then Swedish Fish and Gummy Worms. After I showed it to them I added some strawberries. If you have never had fruit pizza it is sooooo good and can look a little like this:

Note: I did not make this fruit pizza! This is just an idea of what it looks like
The basic idea is to add any of your favorite fruit. Strawberries taste really good, but so do kewi, bananas and berries.

Our Rock Candy did not turn out. So I will be trying another recipe as well and will be posting it again when I figure out what I did wrong.

With Easter, my kids discovered how to peel eggs....

...and even make egg sandwiches.

My son used to hate the texture of boiled eggs, so this was exciting for me!

Fun News for me: I got 2 Spring Breaks! My husband's college Spring Break was not the same as my son's. The benefit of being a mom! My parents came to town and we actually got to go out on a date for my husband's break! Woo hoo! 

Last but not least, I made a button for my blog! Look to the right... It is not fancy and I would probably label it as cheesy, but it is not bad for my first button. Feel free to put it on your blog and share the fun!

LINK UP THE FUN (below). McLinky is doing some new things, so hopefully this works. Click on the link below to add your fun times!


  1. So many fun food items! Love them...even the wormy pizza LOL

  2. Thanks for dropping by from SITS. Looks like you are way ahead of the curve on the whold domestic goddess front- I rarely have time to bake :-(
    The wormy pizza looks fantastic!

  3. my son and i were inspired by you to try out our hand at rock candy I plan to post about it and link back to you....let me know if thats ok :)



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