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Paper Airplanes

For this activity we invited some friends over to join in on the fun. It made me laugh to find out that they were just as excited as my kids were to make some paper airplanes! It's great for all ages. We did it with a handful of children ages 2-4.

*On a side note: My mom called me to let me know that my 13 yr old sister, who thought this was kind of lame and for little kids, ended up playing with these paper airplanes for 3 hours Friday night with 3 of her friends and had a blast! They ended up naming them and having all sorts of competitions. I guess this really is for all ages! It is seriously a great flying plane!

Supplies Needed:

  1. Paper
  2. Tape
  3. Crayons (optional)

First, we had to add a little color before we started folding. Notice how the boys were all about getting it done as fast as possible. The girls were a little more detailed oriented when it came to coloring!

Once that is done, the folding begins. Each step has a number next to the picture to make it a little easier to follow. I also colored the back side of the paper green, so you can tell which side is which while we are folding.

Let's begin:

Step 1: Lay paper on a flat surface.
Step 2: Fold the paper length wise in half.
Step 3: Open the paper up again. Take one corner and fold it in towards the center line.
Step 4: Do the same to the opposite corner.

Step 5: Flip the paper over.
Step 6: Pull the new corner, just created in and in line with the center line
Step 7: Do the same to the opposite corner
Step 8: This is what it should look like right now when it is folded in half.

Now this next part is a little tricky, so much sure you follow the pictures
Step 9.1: I put 2 red dots on the paper. See them? On the next fold, you will bring the red dots together by bringing the edge on the bottom up. Basically folding it in half on the one side.
Step 9.2: I guess to make it easier on me I flipped it around and I didn't notice it until now. Sorry! This picture is folding the edge (that was previously pictured iin 9.1 on the bottom) to line up with the opposite edge
Step 10: Flip the plane over and do the same to the other side

Step 11: This is what your plane should look like from the side when your hand is holding the fold. Now you want to put a little piece of tape on the bottom going over the fold . Somewhere near my thumb is fine.
Step 12: You also want to put a piece of tap on the top holding the two sides together. About where the red line is.

And now you can have some fun! We did!

Getting ready to have a throwing competition!

And they are off!

Paper airplanes are super simple and my children really seem to enjoy them. I am so glad I made a tutorial because this plane is so easy to fly. I hope you enjoy it!

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