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Colored Noodles

Colored noodles are a great thing to have on hand. You can make a variety of craft projects with them and best of all the kids can help you make them, too.

Ingredients Needed:

  • 1 package dry noodles

  • Vinegar (1 tsp or less per bag)

  • Liquid food coloring (5 drops per bag)

  • Plastic bags (ziploc type)

  • Measuring cup (medicine size) or spoon
For this project I had everything laid out a head of time because once my children knew what they were supposed to do, it went very fast. I used a small measuring cup (the kind that usually come with children's liquid medicine) to measure the vinegar. The little cup is easier for the little ones to hold and pour than a spoon. I also used snack size bags to mix everything up in.


Add noodles to plastic bag (about a handful or two). Add at the most 1 tsp vinegar to the bag. Less is more since you do not want to get the noodles too wet. Then add 5 drops of liquid food coloring to the bag. Seal the bag and shake until it is evenly distributed. Then open the bag up and let it air dry over night. Most of my bags were dry by the next morning.

I let my children choose which noodles they wanted to put in their bags

Shaking the bags up.

Here are the bags air drying. As you can see, the children picked the colors and we made a lot of green!

Overall, it was a very easy project and we had no big messes, which is a major plus!


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